Thursday, August 20, 2009

Animal Shelter Volunteering Event

Over 20 volunteers participated in the SECULAR Center's August 15th event at a local no-kill animal shelter.

We took care of their cats by giving them some needed love and attention and cleaning their living spaces. After doing some touch-up painting, office work, yard work, storeroom reorganizing, and completing some special projects, we got to visit with the cats and kittens! The animal shelter provided us with drinks and snacks and were grateful to have the extra help.

There was something for everyone to do, including kids! Overall we got a lot accomplished and felt really good to help some animals in need. Check out our website for pictures!

1 comment:

  1. This was a fun outing, and the lady who runs it seemed really grateful for our help.

    I like opportunities like this where we can make a tangible difference to someone who's doing good without a lot of support behind them.

    Other kinds of volunteering are great too, but it's nice to occasionally feel that if we hadn't done the work it might not have been done at all.