Tuesday, October 6, 2009

AAI Convention Follow Up

I attended the AAI Convention this weekend in Burbank, California and had a great time! The weekend was packed with great speakers including Richard Dawkins, Bill Mahr (who received the Richard Dawkins award for Religulous), PZ Meyers, Jerry Coyne, Eugenie Scott, and many others.

My main role during the conference was as the Ambassador Director and Texas Ambassador for AAI, so I met many members of AAI and members of AAI's Affiliate groups. I also met with most of the other AAI Ambassadors and we had some great times getting to know each other as well as a productive meeting on Sunday to discuss the Ambassador Program.

However, I also had the chance to get some visibility for SCUSA and to make some important headway for our organization. AAI has agreed to partner with SCUSA, which means that we now have an important and well-known international organization in our corner! AAI will be promoting us as an Atheist charity and we will have visibility on an international level.

I'm looking at getting a booth for SCUSA at the AAI conference in Melbourne, Australia next March which will be our first international conference. Stay tuned for more on this as I work out the details! Thanks for your support of the SECULAR Center!

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