Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Solstice and more!

Today I want to wish everyone in the Northern Hemisphere a happy Winter Solstice and everyone in the Southern Hemisphere a happy Summer Solstice!  Sometimes we forget that the Southern Hemisphere is celebrating the Summer Solstice while the Northern Hemisphere is celebrating the Winter Solstice.   So, today I want to include everyone around the world by saying, 'Happy Solstice!'

On that international note, I would like to announce that the SECULAR Center now has over 300 supporters in almost 10 different countries around the world!  We really appreciate everyone's support and are working hard to ensure that your donations, volunteer hours, and other forms of support are going toward important and much-needed secular charity programs. 

To date, we are working with other communities in Texas such as Dallas and San Antonio; as well as Ames IA, Portland OR, Kansas City KS, Los Angeles CA, and more to get SECULAR Center programs underway and coordinate non-theist volunteer and charitable efforts.  Look for some exciting announcements about these programs after the New Year!

In Reason,


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