Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Texas Freethought Convention

The SECULAR Center attended the Texas Freethought Convention on November 14th in San Antonio!  The convention was great fun and included interesting speakers such as Stuart Bechman from AAI, Dan Barker from FFRF, Dr. Victor Stenger, and others. 

The SECULAR Center had a table set up at the convention and collected over 30 new signups for our e-mailing list!  There was also a lot of interest in starting volunteerism and charitable activities in Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin.  We're starting to discuss possibilities with members of those communities, and I may travel to Dallas in January to speak at the North Texas Church of Freethought about working together for volunteerism and charitable causes.  They are already doing some great things up there including adopting a highway and more!

We now have almost 300 supporters who are signed up for our newsletter and e-mail list.  This support is crucial to our goals, because when we apply for grants we have to show that the atheist community is behind us.  If you haven't signed up for the e-Newsletter list, please do so today on our website at  Thanks!

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